It's that time of year again when all the wonderful festivals happen! The Peter Anderson Arts and Crafts Festival is not just a local favorite, but it has gained national notoriety as well!

The Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival was created to honor master potter, Peter Anderson, original potter of Shearwater Pottery, founded in 1928, and to celebrate the arts community.  The festival aided in the economic development and growth of what has become Ocean Springs today.  Our mission is to increase the public awareness of our local artists, shops, and restaurants and to create opportunities for artists, business development and a welcoming quality of life for residents and visitors alike as we share in the Creative Economy. "Festival season" begins in late August and runs through the two-day event set the first weekend in November each year.  The season includes the opening of the application process, kick-off events, pre-parties, pre-festival t-shirt sales,blue moon art project contest and much more.